Casino junket tours: definition, features, choice

Casino junket toursPeople travel for different reasons – passion for new experiences, desire to see the world, lack of thrill, risk and excitement. And some of them to spend time in a good casino and get their dose of adrenaline. This relatively new type of entertainment travel for gamblers is called junket tourism. ​​ You may ask why go somewhere when you can play in the real money casinos online ( That’s true, but we suggest you look for an example on youtube at how spectacular the real halls can look –

Main features

The main purpose of junket is, of course, visiting the casino. At the same time, institutions often offer additional cultural and entertainment activities, as well as traditional beach holidays in resort cities.

Junket tours began to gain popularity in Russia after all gambling establishments were banned in 2012 and our compatriots lost the opportunity to visit casinos freely. Such tours are usually organized by the establishments themselves, sometimes with the help of travel agencies.

An agreement is concluded between the inviting establishment and the client, which usually states that the casino provides:

  • free travel , transfer to the hotel;
  • free accommodation and meals;
  • organization of visits to the casino;
  • additional cultural and entertainment programs.

And the client, for his part, must:

  • spend the minimum agreed time in the casino;
  • when playing, place bets for certain amounts;
  • make a deposit to the casino’s account, which serves as a guarantee of the client’s fulfillment of the terms of the agreement, and also confirms his solvency.

The size of the deposit on average ranges from 3500 to 10000 dollars, depending on the status and country of the casino.

If the client has fulfilled all the terms of the agreement, at the end of the trip the casino returns the money to him minus the money spent on the game. In case of violation of the agreement (for example, refusal to play), the institution deducts the costs of flight, accommodation, meals from the security deposit and may refuse to continue to stay in the casino. The win, if any, remains for the client.

Where to go on a junket tour

Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City remain traditional gambling centers. The gambling business in Europe is well developed. For exotic lovers, Macau and Singapore can be recommended. However,tours such areas require quite significant costs, and on Russian territory gambling zones are still in their infancy.

Nevertheless, punters who do not have a fabulous fortune will be able to find a worthy alternative to world entertainment centers in neighboring countries … Gambling establishments in Belarus, Georgia and Kazakhstan offer much more economical, but no less rich and memorable tours.

Casino tours to Belarus

Minsk and its environs are famous for their developed infrastructure, historical sites and a high level of culture. The flow of tourists to Belarus is increasing every year. Minsk gambling houses also actively attract foreign guests, offering junket travel.

Thus, guests will be pleasantly surprised by the level of service and service in the casinos “Shangri La“, “Karat”, “Victoria”.

Casino “Mirage“, in addition to the standard fare, accommodation and meals, takes into account the individual wishes of customers and organizes additional entertainment and excursions for them.

In one of the most prestigious institutions in Minsk, Casino “Ho”, guests will be able to fully immerse yourself in the world of luxury, wealth and excitement.

Casino tours to Georgia and Kazakhstan

Of all the post-Soviet countries, Georgia has probably the richest experience in the development of the gambling business, which flourished here back in the days of the Soviet Union. Therefore, it is not surprising that junket tours there are popular among Russians. In addition, the punters have a great opportunity to enjoy a spa vacation at the same time. There are many different gambling establishments in Georgia, they are located mainly in tourist cities.

In Tbilisi, the casinos”Adjara” and”Iveria” under the programs of junket tours will provide their guests with a wide range of gaming entertainment and high-level service. The Bakuriani ski resort invites fans of steep slopes to complement their impressions at the Eureka casino.

In Kazakhstan, the Altyn Alma, Flamingo, Astoria casinos can easily compete with gambling houses of Sharm El-Sheikh and Singapore.

So, the choice of junkets is huge, gambling Russians are always welcome guests. And if this type of recreation is for you, you just have to choose an institution with a proven reputation and an optimal price offer. Detailed information about the offered programs and conditions can be found on the official websites of the establishments.