Online casino with payment by phone in 2020

Nowadays, only babies do not have cell phones. And casino operators, striving to improve the quality of their services, use all the new functions of cellular communication. Among the many ways to fund an online casino account, there is now a mobile deposit.

Online casino with replenishment of the account via SMS

The method of hitting through an SMS message did not appear so long ago, and until now it has not received much more traffic among operators online casinos, quite a long time ago. Probably, over time, refilling the account through the SMS will become more popular, because it is a simple and fast way, which does not require any registration and preparation The bill payment procedure is very convenient: you are given several options for the amount of replenishment, you choose the one you want and receive further instructions. Usually, you need to send a 10-digit code to a 4-digit number, but there may be other options.

Remember! Before making an SMS deposit, make sure that the mobile account has the required amount plus the operator’s commission. For more information, please check the top 10 online casino pages on the BestNetEntCasino website. This source has great authority on the network and can be trusted or visit

Carefully read the terms of service of the selected casino. After all, only compliance with these conditions is a guarantee of the successful replenishment of the account through the phone. So, for example, in some casinos, a prerequisite for withdrawing winnings is a withdrawal to the same pay by phone account from which the deposit was made.

SMS casino – game machines

Pay with phone casinos have both positive, as well as negative sides. The main advantage of SMS payment in the casino is that a mobile phone is practical for everyone. People of all ages love gambling and, for example, people of adolescent age may have difficulties with the use of payment machines, electric cards At the same time, it was all simple with the SMS: sent a message with a code and a sum, received a response message with a different code, entered it into the casino case and will send a request. 

Also, there are often difficulties with replenishing the account of payment systems. To make a trip to the casino, you must first fill up your card or e-wallet account. At the same time, there are no complications whatsoever with replenishing the mobile account. This can be done in any bank, bank branch, post office, operator’s office, and also through an online office.

Also to the positive qualities of the way of refilling the casino through SMS, the payment can be made conveniently, when playing in the casino with mobile devices. Assume that you are on the road and you need to refill your account for playing slots (game machines) or roulette. Of course, you can download the application of the payment system you use, enter your login, password, invoice and make a deposit, but it will take much longer than to deposit via SMS through a short casino number. 

If you pay with a phone bill, you will get a lower minimum deposit. Often, online casinos go to the liking of lovers to refill their accounts via SMS and lower the threshold to increase their convenience. Be sure not everyone has $ 10- $ 20 on the account, and even if and so, no one will spend money on the last day.

Naturally, it is impossible not to say about the minus of the use of this method.

First of all, let us note the impossibility of outputting the media back to the phone balance. For example, if you make a deposit, say, for 10$ and play 2,000 slots, then you will have to withdraw them at one of the suggested payments. Therefore, you will still have to enter the e-wallet if you are, of course, in the mood to win.

It is also necessary to say that the majority of online casinos limit the number of payments via SMS-messages. For example, on a day you can refill your account from 30 to 3,000 $. First of all, if you exceed the limit and continue to top up the account, the money for the casino balance will not be credited, but from the mobile phone account, they write. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read the casino rules.

What not to do during payment by phone

Strictly observe the limits for replenishing your casino account via SMS. Each casino has its own rules, but most often there are the following restrictions:

  • Do not exceed the limit for sending SMS per day;
  • Do not replenish the account for an amount greater than allowed per hour, per day, and month;
  • Your mobile phone balance should be positive;
  • The mobile phone must always be switched on.

Are online casinos with phone funding reliable?

Of course, these casinos are reliable. They are even more secure than those that do not have this option, since they usually use the latest encryption and information security systems. And when you receive SMS with payment confirmation, you also get additional insurance, which confirms the reliability of the system in which you invest.