What is RTP in a casino

RTP in a casinoSlots gamblers should know the RTP of their preferred games. RTP is return to punter, that is, return to the punter. Gamblers win only a certain part of the total, which is left in the pokies. This part is never equal to 100%, because in this case it would be simply unprofitable for casino owners to maintain pokies. The RTP, also known as the return rate, reflects the size of the fraction that punters receive.

Winning rate and return rate

Typically, the RTP in online pokies is 85% to 98% (for example in Gonzos Quest RTP is 95.97%). For inexperienced punters, this indicator can be disorienting. If you are going to gamble, then you should be aware that the return rate does not reflect the frequency of winning combinations. One-armed bandits with one RTP can give gamblers to win with different frequencies. And yet, the percentage of return and winnings are indirectly related.

It often happens that pokies with a low coefficient of return win often, but gamers receive only small amounts in them. And pokies with a high RTP often give gamblers large sums, but only they are dropped out relatively rarely. Usually pokies with a high payoff ratio have high volatility, and the higher the volatility, the more really generous wins are.

Slots with a low RTP usually imply little volatility. Because of this, the winnings fall out often, but they are small. Sometimes the winning is even less than the amount wagered. For clarity, you can go to the site of the developer NetEnt (more about him on the official website — https://www.netent.com/en/) and look at the characteristics, as well as play in the demo and compare the size and frequency of winnings. 

But sometimes there are exceptions. So, a pokie with a low percentage of return can give the lucky ones big winnings, but still take a lot of the money left by the punters. Also, pokies with a high RTP can have low volatility, almost constantly giving punters winnings, the size of which is not impressive.

Is it worth considering the RTP

Gamblers are divided into two halves. Some are professionals seeking to maximize their chances of winning. Others rely only on luck. Regardless of which punter is sitting at the pokie machine, the casino always has a better chance of winning than the gamer. Gamblers should always remember that gambling is, first of all, entertainment, not a real opportunity to earn money. But if you want to win more, then you should play pokies with a high RTP.